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Sep 05, 2017

Kyle Legate, Senior Editor of Nature Communications, introduces himself.

  • - I'm Kyle Legate, I am Senior Editor 00:01
  • and Team Manager at Nature Communications 00:03
  • in charge of biotechnology and cellular methods development. 00:05
  • I obtained my PhD in McMaster University 00:09
  • in Canada in biochemistry 00:12
  • and decided to leave for Germany for two post-docs 00:14
  • in cell and developmental biology and biophysics. 00:16
  • I decided to leave academia 00:19
  • for a scientific publishing career 00:21
  • so I could be exposed to many more scientific topics 00:23
  • than I was being exposed to as a research scientist 00:26
  • and this is where my interest in science lays. 00:28
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Kyle Legate

Team Manager and Senior Editor, Nature Communications, Springer Nature

Kyle Legate obtained his PhD in biochemistry at McMaster University, studying the mechanism of membrane protein translocation. He then completed postdoctoral studies at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, where he investigated lipid regulation of integrin-mediated cell adhesion using mouse genetics, cell biological, biochemical and biophysical approaches. He joined Nature Communications in December 2013 and is the team manager for biotechnology, computational and synthetic biology. Kyle is based in the London office.

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