Workshops in Scientific Writing and Publishing

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Now available as a virtual webinar during these exceptional times

For researchers of all levels in the natural sciences

Available to institutions globally to host on-site

Skills gained

Develop writing skills and confidence — 91% feel "more confident in writing manuscripts"

Understand editorial processes and what editors look for in papers

Learn best practices for submitting a paper and completing a peer review

Key features

1- or 2-day workshop

2 journal editors from Nature Portfolio

25-30 researchers in each workshop

1-to-1 interaction with editors and an opportunity for abstract review

Now available: Virtual Workshops

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed virtual versions of our workshops to ensure we can continue to serve the research community by providing high-quality and relevant training to researchers.

Short lectures are interspersed with interactive activities and Q&A with editors.

"This was an excellent course and I would definitely recommend it... The opportunity to go through my abstract with the editors was fantastic." 

PhD student, Norway 

Meet Nature Portfolio editors

Every workshop is delivered by journal editors from Nature Portfolio to offer researchers first-hand insight into publishing at top journals.

Researchers have the chance to ask questions and interact one-to-one with editors.

There is also an opportunity for researchers to bring their own draft abstract to discuss with editors.

Highly interactive and practical

Short lectures from the editors are interspersed with practical exercises, group discussions, and Q&A with the editors. 

Best practices are discussed using real examples from Nature Portfolio publications.

"Content was excellent and well thought out. Mixture of 1-2-1 sessions, practical, and taught sessions worked very well."

​​​​​​​Principal Investigator, UK

Agendas: One- and two-day workshops

Tailored to each institution


Institutions can choose to host a one-day or two-day workshop focused on writing, publishing, or the entire writing and publishing process. 

We offer flexibility for in-person workshops. Agenda topics can be swapped around and timings adjusted to spend more or less time on particular topics. Virtual workshops have a set agenda.


We recommend a maximum of 30 researchers per workshop. To train a greater number of researchers, institutions can host two one-day workshops or inquire about a seminar-style workshop for up to 100 researchers. 

To train new cohorts of researchers, institutions can request a series of workshops spread throughout one year or over two to three years, granting a multi-workshop discount.


Every researcher receives a handout pack containing a workbook and journal. The workbook is customized for each workshop and branded with the host institution's logo.

Every institution receives a post-workshop wrap-up report containing feedback from their researchers — collected via a questionnaire at the end of the workshop.

Subject area

Our workshops can cater for researchers with mixed subject areas or be tailored by subject area. Editors can be matched as closely as possible so that researchers hear from editors in their discipline. The editors also use discipline-relevant examples throughout the workshop.

Examples of previous subject-tailored workshops:

Animal virology
Atmospheric physics
Biomedical imaging
Chemical engineering
Climate change
Diabetes and insulin
Intelligent manufacturing
Marine science
Metabolic engineering

Host a workshop to support objectives

Improve the quality of your department's publication output to grow your impact in the field

Equip your researchers with the skills and knowledge to support their career and professional development

Researchers with greater publishing experience can aim higher with their next journal submissions

Promotional resources

Institutions can promote their workshop using our free downloadable resources.

Workshops worldwide

200+ institutions from over 25 countries have hosted a Nature Masterclasses workshop. (Read more about workshops in Australia, Canada, France and the UK).

Researcher feedback in 2018


felt 'there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions'


rated the workshops as 'good' or 'excellent'


agreed 'I will be able to apply what I have learnt to my work'

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