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Nature Careers relaunched

Looking to make a career move or recruit new researchers? 

Finding Funding Opportunities

A skill central to advance your career as a researcher

Interpreting Scientific Results

Help researchers navigate the process of interpreting their research findings

Writing a Research-Paper 2nd Edition

A strategic and practical guide from the experts

Effective Science Communication

Mastering the art of science communication

Research Integrity: Publication Ethics

Free training - to foster good scientific practise

Getting an Academic Research Position

Skills to be prepared for taking the next career step

Data Analysis: Conducting and Troubleshooting

A new course that helps researchers implement and analyse data as they go

Mastering Experimental Design

Mastering the skills that matter

A dynamic new data analysis course is here

A data planning course to boost any research career

Nature Masterclasses - Celebrating 10 Years!

We've delivered training to over 95,000 researchers, globally. Celebrate this amazing milestone with us and see our growth in numbers. 

Improve and Refine Your Scientific Presentations

This new course sharpens the presentation skills of researchers

Make Your Grant Applications More Informative and Persuasive

The training researchers have been asking for is finally here.

Support and advice for early-career researchers from the Nature Careers team

Following Careers Live, Nature Careers has put their popular webinar sessions online and are designed to give you expert advice on topics to help develop your career.

The importance of networking for researchers

While some may consider it simply small talk at a conference, in reality networking is a highly impactful skill that can nurture a research career in a host of ways.

Why crafting a clear narrative is vital.

How to sharpen the storytelling skills and deliver the most impactful research story you need to succeed. Learn about Nature Masterclasses new Narrative Tools for Researchers course.

Two new courses to help researchers better navigate the pandemic

What courses will help scientific researchers in 2020 and beyond? New courses from Nature Masterclasses that help researchers thrive during these challenging times.

The importance of virtual in-person classroom learning

Find out what Nature Research can now offer your institution to replace (or complement) our Nature Masterclasses face-to-face training. 

Embracing these exceptional times

Whilst in lockdown, researchers might have significant time away from their typical work environment. This blogpost explores ways that researchers can use their lockdown time well; to move forward or reassess aspects of their career from home.

Tips for publishing with impact

Here are three tips for generating impact for your work through publication in international, top-tier journals.

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