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Now available: Virtual workshops

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed virtual versions of our workshops to ensure we can continue to serve the research community and provide high-quality and relevant training to researchers.


High-quality training delivered by Nature Research journal editors, experienced researchers, funders and professionals


Designed to engage: online videos, learning activities and workshops offering one-to-one interaction with editors


Researchers learn techniques and strategies to develop their skills, confidence and careers

Online courses

Scientific Writing and Publishing

Learn how to publish a great research paper

Subscriptions available to institutions | Free sample available

Effective Collaboration in Research

Learn how to participate in and lead successful collaborations

Subscriptions available to institutions | Free sample available

Focus on Peer Review

Learn the foundations of good peer review


Training events

One- and two-day workshops in scientific writing and publishing

Available to institutions worldwide and now as a virtual workshop

Supporting researchers worldwide

Our experts

Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou

Chief Editor, Nature Cell Biology

Chris Surridge

Chief Editor, Nature Plants

Sadaf Shadan

Senior Editor Biology, Nature

David Rueda

Professor and Chair of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Karl Ziemelis

Chief Physical Sciences Editor, Nature

Leonie Mueck

Former Senior Editor Physical Sciences, Nature

Gemma Alderton

Former Senior Editor, Nature Reviews Cancer

Federico Levi

Senior Editor, Nature Physics

Adam Brotchie

Former Associate Editor, Nature Reviews Materials

Elizabeth Moylan

Former Senior Editor, Peer Review Strategy and Innovation

Bart Verberck

Regional Executive Editor, Nature Research

Cláudio Nunes-Alves

Senior Editor, Nature Microbiology

Darren Burgess

Senior Editor, Nature Reviews Genetics

Andrew Hufton

Chief Editor, Scientific Data

Iulia Georgescu

Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Physics

John Plummer

Senior Portfolio Editor, Open Research Group

Ritu Dhand

Nature Editorial Director

Nicky Dean

Chief Editor, Nature Energy

Richard White

Chief Editor, Scientific Reports

Tal Nawy

Associate Editor, Nature Methods

Feedback from researchers

Post-doctoral student, USA [Online course]

"I like how the topics are broken up. The shortness of the videos allows me to fit them in between work and research."

Post-doctoral student, Italy [Online course]

"As an early-career researcher it is invaluable to me (and likely will save my mentor some time)..."

PhD student, China [Workshop]

"I can't wait to put into practice what I learnt in my subsequent works." 

Post-doctoral student, Germany [Online course]

"It was very easy to dip in and out of a module and pick up some information in a short space of time."

PhD student, Norway [Workshop]

"The opportunity to go through my abstract with the editors was fantastic... The workshop booklet is a great resource to take home with me."

PhD student, United Kingdom [Workshop]

"Editors were approachable as well as knowledgeable. Worth the investment as it was engaging throughout."

PhD student, China [Workshop]

"I like this kind of workshop, from which I learned a lot, so I'm more confident and know what need to do."

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Alexia Zaromytidou
Chris Surridge
Sadaf Shadan
David Rueda
Karl Ziemelis
Leonie Mueck
Gemma Alderton
Federico Levi
Adam Brotchie
Elizabeth Moylan
Bart Veberck
Claudio Nunes Alves
Darren Burgess
Andrew Hufton
Iulia Georgescu
John Plummer
Ritu Dhand
Nicky Dean
Richard White
Tal Nawy