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Persuasive Grant Writing

For researchers in the natural sciences who want to use narrative tools to improve the quality of their grant applications to make them more informative and persuasive

9 experts in grant writing, including researchers, programme officers from funding bodies, and the Chief Editor of the Nature Research Editing Service

7.5 hours of learning

15-minute bite-sized lessons

3-module course with certificate

About this course

'Persuasive Grant Writing' explains how to use narrative tools to create grant applications that resonate with the audience - your chosen funder. In the course, you will discover how narrative tools can improve the quality of your grant applications, how understanding your funder will help you align your research question with their objectives and how to apply narrative tools across your grant applications to make them more informative and persuasive.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how narrative tools can improve the quality of your grant applications
  • How to align your grant proposal with the requirements and objectives of your chosen funder
  • How to apply narrative tools when writing your grant proposal, to make it more informative, persuasive and engaging

The course

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Before starting your grant application

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Targeting your audience

5 lessons 2h

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Free Sample
Creating a narrative

7 lessons 3h 30m

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Persuasive Grant Writing: Free Sample

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4 lessons 30m

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Developed with expert academics and professionals

This course has been created with an international team of experts with a wide range of experience, including:

Kylie Ball

Alfred Deakin Professor, Deakin University

Founder and Director, Indago Academy 

Michael Dahlstrom

LAS Dean's Professor and Director, Greenlee School of Journalism, Iowa State University

Peter Gorsuch

Chief Editor and Product Manager, Nature Research Editing Service, Springer Nature

Richard McCourt

Professor and Curator, Drexel University

Julienne Stroeve

Professor and Canada 150 Chair, University of Manitoba

Advice from experienced researchers

The course has additional insights through video interviews from:

Qilei Song

Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Jingmei Li

Group Leader, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR

Judy Omumbo

Senior Manager, Postdoctoral Programs, Science for Africa Foundation

Taiichi Otsuji

Professor, Tohoku University and Senior Program Officer, Research Center for Science Systems, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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