Additional Services

As well as Nature Masterclasses, Nature Research and Springer Nature offer a wide range of researcher services.

For institutions – services to support your researchers

Editing for papers and grants

From Nature Research Editing Service​​​​​​​

Researcher training workshops

From Nature Research Academies​​

Writing your research

Scientific Editing

From Nature Research Editing Service

English Language Editing

From Nature Research Editing Service​​​​​​​

Career advice and news

From Nature Careers

Journal suggester

From Springer Nature

After publication

Research data support

From Springer Nature​​​​​​​

SharedIt content sharing

From Springer Nature

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Editing for institutions
Nature Research Academies training
AS B2C science editing
AS English language editing
AS Careers articles and advice
Tutorials from Springer
Journal suggester from Springer Nature
As Manuscript formatting
Research Data Support from Springer Nature
SharedIt content sharing from Springer Nature