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Building a Strong Online Researcher Profile — June 2024

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Coming to the Nature Masterclasses on-demand Platform in June 2024.
This microlearning course aims to equip researchers with the essential skills to build and optimise their online researcher profile. Understanding the significance of being easily found online by various stakeholders such as journal editors, journalists, industry professionals, and fellow researchers is crucial in fostering collaborations and advancing one’s career. Throughout this short, practical course, participants will learn strategies and advice to craft compelling bios, select optimal keywords for their profiles, and optimise the components of a great personal, lab or institutional website as well as actionable techniques to boost their visibility and maximise their chances of success in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

Developed in conjunction with experts

Sadaf Shadan

Biological Sciences Team Manager and Senior Editor, Nature

Miranda Vinay

Associate Editor, Communications Engineering

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Sadaf Shadan
Miranda Vinay