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Webinar: Navigating Scientific Writing

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Writing a research paper is critical for any researcher’s success and our revamped, improved course “Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition” (launching end of January) is a solid platform to gain the skills to navigate your scientific writing journey. While we have made every effort to make our course as comprehensive as possible, scientific writing is nuanced and you may have more questions!

Join us for a free webinar with Davide Esposito, Chief Editor of Nature Catalysis and Zoltan Fehervari, Senior Editor of Nature, for a stimulating Q&A session on the challenges you and your peers may face when drafting manuscripts. Whether you have a burning question about the complexities of titles and abstracts, or if you’re contemplating how best to communicate your crucial findings, we will help make your scientific writing process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Feb 19th, Monday 4:00-5:00 pm GMT: Registration closed

Feb 20th, Tuesday 9:00-10:00 am GMT: Registration closed

The recordings of the webinar will be available soon to members of subscribing institutions.

Please note that any question should be submitted during the registration using the field provided in the registration form. While we will attempt to answer your questions as much as we can, we may only be able to cover questions of common interest or topics that are generally overlooked in scientific discussions. Even if you do not have any questions yourself, we still encourage you to join to benefit from the strategies discussed.

To maximise your learning experience with this webinar, we recommend you to work through our Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition course either before or after you join.


Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition — End of January 2024

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Coming to the Nature Masterclasses on-demand Platform End of January 2024.
This updated and enhanced 2nd edition of our flagship course is for researchers who want to write informative, concise, well-structured, and engaging research papers by leveraging narrative tools and the principles of scientific writing style. Writing research papers allows scientists to contribute to the scientific record, thereby advancing their fields and careers. To ensure the results of researchers' time and effort are well received, the skills to write research papers that are effective are key. An effective research paper makes it easier for decision-makers to recognise the impact of the presented, boosting uptake and dissemination of the presented conclusions.

Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition is now available.

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Davide Esposito

Chief Editor, Nature Catalysis

Sadaf Shadan

Biological Sciences Team Manager and Senior Editor, Nature

Peter Gorsuch

Linguistic Design Manager, Springer Nature

Joshua Schimel

Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California Santa Barbara and author of Writing Science

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Sadaf Shadan
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Joshua Schimel