Experiments: From Idea to Design

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For researchers in the natural sciences who want to develop their experimental design skills

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Key features

4-module course with a course certificate

9 experts in experimental design including experienced researchers and Nature Portfolio Journal Editors

7 - 8 hours of learning

10 - 30-minute lessons

English language subtitles and transcripts


Understand the benefits of honing your experimental design skills before embarking on full-scale experiments

Learn how to develop research motivations, identify assumptions and formulate hypothesis

Learn how to select the precise methods, tools, techniques and protocols you need to answer your research question

Learn how to refine and make use of your experimental design

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Insight from expert academics and professionals

This course contains insights from international experts with a wide range of experience, including:

  • Researchers with backgrounds in various disciplines such as plant biology and synthetic chemistry
  • An expert on the theory of the scientific method
  • Nature Portfolio journal Editors with extensive experience evaluating new methodologies and protocols

This course was developed and refined by an expert panel, comprising:

Massimiliano Di Ventra

Professor of Physics, University of California, San Diego

Allison Doerr

Chief Editor, Nature Methods

Oliver Graydon

Chief Editor, Nature Photonics

Liu Bin

Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Senior Vice Provost (Faculty and Institutional Development), National University of Singapore (NUS)

Ülo Niinemets

Professor of Plant Physiology and Head of the Chair, Estonian University of Life Sciences

Insight from researchers

The course also has additional insights through interviews from:

Yuan Cao

Junior Fellow, Harvard University

Melanie Clyne

Chief Editor, Nature Protocols

David Lapola

Research Scientist, University of Campinas

Oliver Warr

Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Ottawa

Accessible dip in and out format

The course's four modules contain bite-size lessons and provide an accessible, dip in and out format for busy researchers.

Researchers can track their progress through the course and fit the lessons around their work.


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Massimiliano Di Ventra
Allison Doerr
Oliver Graydon
Liu Bin
Ülo Niinemets
Yuan Cao
Melanie Clyne
David Lapola
Oliver Warr
Massimiliano Di Ventra
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