Networking for Researchers

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For scientific researchers wanting to gain confidence by improving their networking skills, or mentor others through the networking process

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Key features

4-module course with a course certificate

10 experts in networking including researchers, experienced academic networkers, fellows, networking consultants and communications specialists

3-4 hours of learning

15-minute lessons

English language subtitles and transcripts


Understand the theory behind and the importance of networking, and how to use your research and career goals to guide you to find appropriate networking opportunities 

Learn how to research and prepare key resources to help you build an effective network 

Learn strategies to approach and connect with potential contacts, and how to follow up – both in person and online

Learn strategies for nurturing your networking contacts, and how to leverage them to advance your research and career

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Insight from expert academics and professionals

This course contains insights from experts with wide-ranging experience in networking, which includes:

  • Setting career goals
  • Evaluating current networks
  • Identifying networking opportunities and researching potential contacts
  • Studying social networks
  • Leveraging networks to advance your research and career

The expert panel developed and refined the course. The course was developed and refined by an expert panel and includes:

  • Sarah Blackford | Academic Career Consultant and Honorary Teaching Fellow, Lancaster University
  • Ben Johnson | Head of Communities & Engagement | Magazine Editor, Nature Medicine
  • Tanya Menon | Professor of Management and Human Resources, Ohio State University
  • David Payne | Managing Editor, Careers and Supplements, Springer Nature
  • Despina Sanoudou | Associate Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Academy of Athens

The course also has additional insights through video interviews from:

  • Paige Brown Jarreau | VP of Science Communication, LifeOmic | Co-founder of
  • Emma Chapman | Lecturer, University of Nottingham
  • Neta Erez | Head, Laboratory of Tumor Biology | Chair, Department of Pathology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Edmond Sanganyado | Associate Professor, Shantou University | President, Zimbabwe Young Academy of Sciences
  • Lucy A. Taylor | Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church College and Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

Accessible dip in and out format

The course's four modules contain bite-size lessons and provide an accessible, dip in and out format for busy researchers.

Researchers can track their progress through the course and fit the lessons around their work.


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