Leonie Mueck

Former Senior Editor Physical Sciences, Nature, Nature Research

Leonie Mueck studied computational chemistry at the University of Marburg and State University St. Petersburg, Russia. After finishing her Diplom thesis in 2009, she pursued a PhD at the University of Mainz as part of the graduate school of excellence Materials Science in Mainz. Under the supervision of Juergen Gauss she investigated topics from highly accurate quantum chemistry, including multireference coupled-cluster methods, relativistic quantum chemistry and theoretical heavy-atom main group chemistry.
After completing her PhD summa cum laude in 2013, she started an editorial position at Nature Communications handling manuscripts from condensed matter physics and theoretical physics. In 2014, she moved to the journal Nature, first as Associate Editor and later becoming Senior Editor and Team Leader. Her manuscript areas included mathematical physics, quantum mechanics, high-energy physics and atom optics.

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Leonie Mueck