Narrative Tools for Researchers

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For researchers in the natural sciences who want to enhance their communication to their peers by using narrative tools to tell their research story.

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Key features

3-module course with a course certificate

10 experts in using narrative techniques in scientific communication, including researchers, Nature editors and science journalists

3-4 hours of learning

15-minute lessons

English language subtitles and transcripts


Understand the benefits of using narrative tools to communicate your research more effectively to scientific peers and stakeholders

Learn how to create and combine narrative elements to build a compelling scientific story

Learn how to refine your research story depending on the audience and format for your communication

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Insight from expert academics, editors and journalists

The course has been developed by a global panel of experts with extensive experience in:

  • Academic research into the role of narrative tools in science communication
  • Science journalism
  • Training scientists in communicating through storytelling techniques
  • Sharing their own research through compelling stories and papers

The expert panel, which helped shape and refine the content of the course, included:

  • Pep Pamies | Chief Editor, Nature Biomedical Engineering
  • Helen Pearson | Chief Magazine Editor, Nature
  • Michael Dahlstrom | Director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University
  • Nick Enfield | Professor of Linguistics, University of Sydney

The course also features expert insights through video interviews with:

  • Josh Ettinger | PhD candidate, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
  • Vidita Vaidya | Professor of Neurobiology, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  • Mahaletchumy Arujanan | Global Coordinator, International Service for the Acquisition of Agribiotech Applications
  • Faith Osier | Professor of Immunology, Heidelberg University Hospital and KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme
  • Erich Jarvis | Professor, The Rockefeller University and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Sara ElShafie | Founder, Science Through Story and PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Accessible dip in and out format

The course’s three modules contain bite-size lessons and provide an accessible, dip in and out format for busy researchers. 

Researchers can track their progress through the course and fit the lessons around their work.


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Make finding collaborations with other institutions and with industry easier as your researchers learn to articulate their research goals in an inspirational and impactful manner

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