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Research Integrity: Publication Ethics

For researchers in the natural sciences who want to improve their understanding of how to publish research ethically and with integrity

7 experts in publication ethics, including a Nature Portfolio journal Chief Editor, Caltech’s Chief Research Policy Officer and an elected member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Council

Free course - available to all users who register

8 hours of learning

10-40-minute lessons

3-module course with a course certificate

About this course

'Research Integrity: Publication Ethics' assists researchers to master the essential steps for publishing work with the highest standards of integrity.

By providing practical strategies to implement editorial policies the course serves as a toolbox, enabling researchers to navigate the whole writing and publishing process. 

This free online training course supports researchers in publishing with integrity, allowing them to confidently contribute to the scientific record.

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What you'll learn 

  • How to select a reputable journal and locate editorial policies and ethical guidance
  • Maintain image and data integrity and availability
  • Reuse material with appropriate permissions
  • Properly cite your own work and that of others
  • Avoid common authorship disputes
  • Make relevant declarations about your research and publication, including conflicts of interest
  • Appropriately navigate revisions
  • Address post-publication issues

The course

Free Sample
Preparing to publish with integrity

5 lessons 1h 30m

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Free Sample
Publication ethics during manuscript preparation

11 lessons 4h 45m

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Free Sample
Publication ethics after submission

5 lessons 1h 45m

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Preparing to publish with integrity

  • Welcome to this course
  • About this course
  • Identify a reputable journal
  • Publish with integrity
  • Module summary

Publication ethics during manuscript preparation

  • Introduction
  • Publish with transparency
  • Uphold image integrity
  • Ensure data integrity and availability
  • Reuse materials with relevant permissions
  • Reuse materials appropriately
  • Ensure accurate citations and avoid plagiarism
  • Consider your author list
  • Confirm your research declarations
  • Verify your publication declarations
  • Module summary

Publication ethics after submission

  • Introduction
  • Navigate manuscript revisions
  • Handle post-publication issues
  • Module summary
  • Course summary

Developed with research integrity and publishing experts

This course benefits from the insights of experts with a wide range of experience in publication ethics and promoting integrity in research and publication. 

Meet the expert panel that have helped shape and refine the content of the course:

Grace Fisher-Adams

Chief Research Policy Officer, CalTech

Christina Kary

Chief Editor, Nature Cell Biology

Jigisha Patel

Founder, Jigisha Patel Research Integrity

Tamara Welschot

Head of Research Integrity, Prevention, Springer Nature

Advice from additional experts in research integrity

The course has additional insights through video interviews from:

Benjamin de Haas

ERC Group Leader, Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Rafal Marzsalek

Chief Editor, Scientific Reports

Angelina Storti

Director Editorial Rights, Springer Nature


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Research Integrity Publishing Ethics