Live, expert trainer-led workshops

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Key features

Workshops are led by an expert professional trainer from the Nature Masterclasses in-house team

Workshops in over 10 key areas of the research cycle, and includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Interactive workshop where the trainer stimulates engagement and discussion with the attendees


1-day and 2-day live workshops, available in-person or virtually

30-250 researchers in each workshop

Auditorium or classroom styles


For early and mid-career researchers

Researchers of mixed disciplines, or the workshop content can be tailored to one of four disciplines: life sciences, physical sciences, clinical research, or social sciences

For global institutions

Expert trainer-led workshops

Being successful in academia requires numerous skills across the research life cycle. However, many early to mid-career researchers do not receive the necessary training to achieve this. 

The Nature Masterclasses team have developed a series of interactive workshops to support researchers across a range of essential topics, such as scientific writing and publishing, academic presentations, communicating science to the public, and many more. These workshops include activities to allow participants to put learned content into practice and promote active learning. 

Workshops are delivered live, either in person or virtually, to facilitate discussion and Q&A sessions between the participants and the trainer.

Live workshops - Topics across the research cycle

Nature Masterclasses offers 1 or 2-day live workshops, either in person or virtually, led by expert trainers.

Key benefits

  • Highly interactive, with active in-person discussions and activities between the trainer and the participants
  • Includes group activities to promote a cooperative learning atmosphere
  • Allows in-person interaction and discussion with trainer during breaks and after the workshop
  • Encourages network building and relationships among attendees in person and virtually
  • Flexible timings for virtual workshops – 2.5-hour webinars delivered over different days to accommodate busy researchers
  • Recordings available for researchers to catch up on missed virtual sessions

Designing research

Secure funding

Experiment & analyse

Write & publish

Share & disseminate

Develop your career

Work with others

Meet our expert trainers

Workshops are delivered and designed by our expert trainers from the Nature Masterclasses team. Drawing from their academic research experience and insights into scholarly publishing, our trainers are passionate about helping researchers reach their goals. 

Jeffrey Robens, PhD

Lead Trainer and Head of Community Engagement 

Harry Shirley, PhD

Trainer and Editorial Development Manager 

Maybelline Yeo, PhD

Trainer and Editorial Development Advisor


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The presentation material was prepared very well, and especially the way the presentation was delivered, I can say it was the best presentation I have ever attended

 An extraordinary overview and insights shared that vastly enhanced my knowledge. Many thanks!

The teacher was full of passion and spoke everything clearly. What's more, the structure of the material was very clear. There were lots of activities and polls which helped students to learn better. In general, it was an excellent course.

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