Clinical Research Methodology

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Key features

Supports clinicians with strategies to improve the impact and influence of their clinical studies

Includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Interactive workshop where the trainer stimulates engagement and discussion with the attendees


1-day live workshop delivered by an expert trainer

Auditorium or classroom style

Available in-person or virtually


Up to 250 early-career clinical researchers

Masterclass in Clinical Research Methodology

Conducting clinical research has a tremendous impact on patient care and management as well as improving public health. Therefore, it is essential that the study is designed and conducted properly to maximize impact. This one-day workshop aims to give researchers the necessary skills to develop a robust clinical research study that will advance evidence-based medicine. Nature Masterclasses are available in-person and virtually.

Clinical Research Methodology workshop - led by experts

Planning a clinical study

  • Discusses how to properly choose a research question that is necessary for the field
  • Reviews efficient literature searching strategies and how to stay up-to-date
  • Discusses focusing the research problem in a manageable and realistic manner 
  • Reviews different primary and secondary outcomes related to the research question that should be the focus of the study

Choosing the right study design

  • Covers how to identify which study design is appropriate for the research problem and outcome
  • Briefly introduces systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials (RCTs), cohort studies, case-controlled studies, cross-sectional studies, and case reports/series
  • Highlights the advantages and limitations of the above that should be considered
  • Discusses RCTs, given their important impact in clinical research

Avoiding common biases in your study design

  • Emphasises the importance of a robust study design to increase the chance of publication as well as clinical impact
  • Discusses a number of common biases in clinical studies, such as selection bias, measurement bias, attrition bias, and selective reporting and publishing bias
  • Reviews strategies to minimise these biases in the study, to improve the overall robustness of the research study

Collecting and analysing data

  • Discusses how to effectively collect data during the study and how to properly manage all files to ensure that they are easily accessible and understandable
  • Reviews how to store the data both during and after the study that will be essential during or after publication
  • Reviews some available data repositories that can help researchers achieve long-term secure archiving

One of the amazing workshop that i ever attended in clinical research, I am really impressed how the speaker mastering the content so to deliver it in this highly elegant way.

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