Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

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Key features

Supports clinicians with strategies to design and conduct successful systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Interactive workshop where the trainer stimulates engagement and discussion with the attendees


1-day live workshop delivered by an expert trainer

Auditorium or classroom style

Available in-person or virtually


Up to 250 early-career clinical researchers

Masterclass in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Conducting a systematic review properly can be an arduous task, but one that has great benefit for the field. This is particularly true in clinical research where the efficacy of an intervention may still be unclear after several studies have been conducted. This one-day workshop aims to give researchers the necessary skills to conduct a robust systematic review and communicate the results effectively in their manuscript. Nature Masterclasses are available in-person and virtually.

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses workshop - led by experts

Preparing to conduct the systematic review

  • Discusses the value of systematic reviews and meta-analyses for the field and when they should be done
  • Discusses how to identify a relevant research question that will serve as the motivation for the review as well as ensuring its novelty and originality
  • Highlights how to define the appropriate inclusion and exclusion criteria that will be essential in selecting the appropriate studies to be included
  • Discusses strategies to find both published and unpublished studies along with useful tools to screen through

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Extracting and analysing data 

  • Focuses on how to properly extract and analyse the data from the selected studies in the review
  • Discusses how to use standardised data extraction forms to extract the appropriate data from the studies for analysis
  • Reviews how to assess the bias within the selected studies that will affect the impact of those data
  • Discusses the various types of biases that plague systematic reviews as well as the strategies to minimise those biases to improve the review’s robustness and reliability

Performing syntheses

  • Reviews how to synthesise the extracted data and present the analyses in a way to emphasise the value of the review
  • Discusses how to synthesise the data from the selected studies qualitatively for the systematic review and how it should be presented in the manuscript
  • Introduces meta-analyses and when they should be done to complement the qualitative analysis in a systematic review
  • Discusses the techniques and statistical methods that are used in performing the meta-analysis in the study
  • Explores fixed effect and random effects models, statistical heterogeneity, meta-regression techniques and lastly subgroup and sensitivity analyses

Excellent presentation and covered all areas of systematic review... made it easy to understand

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