Communicating Your Research to Non-specialists

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Key features

Supports researchers with strategies to broaden the impact of their research beyond their field

Includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Interactive workshop where the trainer stimulates engagement and discussion with the attendees


1-day live workshop delivered by an expert trainer

Auditorium or classroom style

Available in-person or virtually


Up to 250 attendees

Can be broad-focused or tailored for either early- to mid-career researchers or for early-career science communication professionals

Masterclass in Communicating Your Research to Non-specialists

It is becoming increasingly important for researchers to be able to clearly communicate their research to a broader audience, such as the public, the press, and even funding organisations. However, communicating complex specialised findings in an understandable and general manner is challenging for many researchers. This 1-day workshop will provide strategies for researchers to overcome these issues and broaden the impact of their research for society. Nature Masterclasses workshops are available in-person and virtually.

Communicating Your Research to Non-specialists workshop - led by experts

Module 1: The importance of communicating science to non-specialists

  • Introduces the importance of communicating science with non-specialists
  • Discusses why scientists are often reluctant to discuss their research publicly and how this miscommunication can lead to misconceptions by the public regarding scientific research
  • Discusses the responsibilities that scientists have to the public regarding their research
  • Introduces case studies of how public misconception of scientific research can have dramatic effects on society
  • Emphasises how public communication can actually benefit researchers directly in terms of their reputation, citations, and funding

Module 2: Communicating your research with non-specialists

  • Introduces how to communicate complex scientific ideas to people who do not have subject expertise on the topic
  • Discusses which types of studies are usually of interest to general readers, and what non-specialists are expecting to learn regarding the study
  • Reviews how to structure science stories compared with science articles
  • Highlights which aspects of your research would meet non-specialists' expectations

Module 3: Effective writing strategies

  • Focuses on how to discuss complex scientific ideas in a clear and simple manner
  • Discusses the importance of logical flow and structure, and ways to improve the readability
  • Reviews ways to keep readers’ attention by using more subjective terminology, personal anecdotes, and concrete examples
  • Highlights the importance of a narrative when communicating complex ideas to readers, and guides the attendees through building a science story

Module 4: Platforms for communicating science to non-specialists

  • Discusses how researchers should work with their press office to ensure that they clearly understand the significance and interest of their research
  • Reviews some of the common mistakes that are made while preparing press releases, and the impact of those mistakes
  • Reviews platforms that researchers can explore themselves to communicate with the public directly

This workshop has pointed out real problems and situations we face doing science communication and also gave solutions to solve these issues in a very practical and achievable way.

Immensely grateful to the trainer for their great teaching and insights on communicating research to the public! Brilliant lectures!

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