Effective Collaborations

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Key Features

Supports researchers with strategies to initiate and build effective collaborations

Includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Interactive workshop where the trainer stimulates engagement and discussion with the attendees


Available as 1-day in-person workshop or 3-module virtual webinar

Delivered by expert trainers


Up to 250 attendees

Tailored for early career researchers. Content can be adapted for specific disciplines to be more appropriate for the expertise of the participants.

Masterclass in Effective Collaborations

Effective collaborations are important for researchers because they foster diverse perspectives, skill exchange and accelerate progress. Development of the ability to initiate and develop collaborations is necessary for success in the modern research environment. In this workshop we explore innovative strategies and tools to enhance teamwork, foster connections and maximise impact of your research endeavours through collaboration. Nature Masterclasses workshops are available in-person and virtually.

Effective Collaborations

1. Establishing Suitable Collaborators

This section discusses why collaborations are more important then ever and the multitude of different ways a collaboration can exist. We discuss the benefits and commonly encountered pitfalls that researchers face when collaborating and review strategies to find suitable collaborators.

2. Coordinating an Effective Research Team

This part discusses the key aspects of a useful collaboration agreement document. We highlight how to effectively work in a research team, looking at the importance of clear organisation and mindfulness.

3. Dissemination and Future Collaborations

In this section we discuss how to share research data in a way that will encourage future collaborations and interest from the research community. A final section discusses how to disseminate and promote your collaborative work; looking at journal publishing, pre-prints and online promotion.

4. Group activity

A final group activity for groups of around 30 researchers will be available for in-person sessions. During this session participants will have the opportunity to actively participate in research collaboration building with their peers.

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