Impressive Academic Presentations

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Key features

Supports researchers with strategies to produce and deliver successful academic presentations

Includes a workbook with keypoints, activities to reinforce the content, and additional online resources

Attendees work together in group activities and have a chance to practise presenting their research


1-day live workshop delivered by an expert trainer

Classroom style

Available in-person or virtually


Up to 30 early-career researchers

Can be broad-focused or tailored to one of five research areas: life sciences, physical sciences & engineering, Earth & environmental sciences, clinical medicine, or social sciences

Masterclass in Impressive Academic Presentations

Although publishing research is essential, communicating research in person via posters and slide talks is also an essential way to build credibility and have impact in the field. However, doing so effectively requires a different set of skills than writing a manuscript. This 1-day workshop aims to give researchers the necessary skills to develop and deliver a successful presentation communicating their research. Nature Masterclasses workshops are available in-person and virtually.

Impressive Academic Presentations workshop - led by experts

Importance of conferences

  • Discusses the importance of conferences in networking, promotion, identifying trends, and establishing collaborations
  • Reviews how to identify a good conference and when is the best time to attend
  • Discusses the advantages of presenting unpublished research to further improve its quality before publication, as well as the advantages after publication to promote awareness and increase downloads and citations 

Poster presentations

  • Focuses on producing and delivering impressive poster presentations
  • Highlights the benefits of posters compared with slide presentations, and how to capitalise on these benefits
  • Reviews how to make posters that are clearly organised to logically guide conference attendees as well as communicate the importance of the study
  • Discusses how to present posters effectively in a crowded and noisy conference environment 

Slide presentations

  • Covers how to make a slide presentation that will effectively communicate the significance and value of a study
  • Reviews the importance of a logical storyline when preparing the slide presentation, to keep the attention of the audience
  • Discusses how to make clear slides to discuss the motivation, findings, and implications of the study
  • Highlights ways to maximise PowerPoint to efficiently make professional looking slides 

Professional presentation skills

  • Covers how to present to audiences with confidence to establish trust. We first review the importance of practice and ways to do so more effectively
  • Highlights non-verbal strategies to establish confidence before reviewing verbal strategies to improve the clarity
  • Discusses how to handle Q&A sessions effectively to further establish credibility and expertise

Presentation activity (face-to-face workshops only)

  • An opportunity for attendees to use what they have learned in the workshop to present their 3 slides in 5 minutes to their groups, while the others in the group will complete a feedback form for the presenter.
  • Discussion on what was positive about the presentation and what could be further improved. The trainer will move from group to group to listen to various presentations and give further advice

Download the workshop agenda in full*

*Note, that the Masterclass does not discuss publishing in conference proceedings, as commonly done at computer science and engineering conferences.

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