Being a first year student in computer science , how should I boost up my career in Publishing research ,how should I look for different and new opportunities .

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shreyakhurana on Feb 15, 2018 • 1 answer
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Thanks for your question. Great to hear you're interested in publishing!
I assume your question is about how you can build a career in scientific publishing and my advice would be to be active on two levels.
The first step can be to familiarize yourself with journals or books that publish research that matches your field of study. There will probably be many of them; maybe you can choose a few that you like and that you can imagine yourself publishing in later. (Since you're a first-year student it is probably not required of you to be actively publishing right now.) If you look at articles or book chapters in these journals and books, you will get a feeling of how research is presented. You can also track what their exact scope is, whether they publish only scientific research articles or also short news articles, Reviews or opinion pieces.
The second level you can consider is to think about projects you're working on, and see whether you would be able to write down reports on them. Perhaps it's even possible to use the standard publication approach and divide the report into sections like Introduction, Results & Discussion and Conclusions. If you're keen, you could consider posting such reports as blog posts. And if you do write such reports, make sure to ask colleagues, teachers and friends for feedback. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from the experience, and it will prepare you to submit your work to journals later.

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Bart Verberck on Feb 22, 2018
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