What is the longest "first decision with peer-review " at Nature magazine? Is there a policy at Nature to make a decision involving reviewer reports within a certain time period, e.g., 4 months?

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Zeynep Aykut on Dec 07, 2016 • 1 answer
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For instance, if a manuscript is sent for review, and the review process is longer then expected ( e.g, the reviewers are late or additional reviewers are needed), at what point is it too long for the editors to take necessary action, and from the authors' perspective when is the latest that they can expect a decision?


Thanks for your question. While there is no formal policy for the length of time in submitting a referee report, editors at Nature aim to get most decisions back to an author in around 45 days or less.

An editor will always aim to make the decision as quickly as they can. In the relatively rare cases where a referee that has been assigned to a paper becomes unable to provide a report at the last minute, the paper can incur delays as the editor might need to find another referee. It is very difficult to give a definitive time scale in these cases as each one is different.

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Elisa De Ranieri on Dec 20, 2016
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