Questions and comments roundup: March

​In this post, we round up some of this month's contributions to the site from our users.

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Apr 03, 2017

Thanks to everybody who has commented on the site, or asked a question this month.

The post that continues to get the most comments is How writing a paper can help you to plan and conduct your research where many of you have been sharing how and when you start to write a paper.

It's really interesting to see several of you re-assessing when to start writing, based on the different approaches shared by other researchers. It's great to see this sharing of knowledge and experience, and to see people reflecting on their current processes.

This month's questions have been mainly been on the subject of journal selection and the submission process.

  • Is there a benefit in thinking about selecting a journal at the start of a project - for example when developing a research question - as opposed to at the completion of the work?
  • Is it possible to get feedback pre-submission?
  • Are there any templates available for specific journals so I can prepare my manuscript in advance and make sure it is in an appropriate format?

You can find the answers to these three questions here.

For more information on these kinds of issues, visit the modules Selecting a Journal For Publication and Submitting Your Paper.

(Please note that you require an active subscription to view the course. If your institution does not subscribe, you can register for the Free Sample course. Plus, you can contact us to recommend your institution for a subscription).

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