Writing a paper: I'm just about to...

About to work on your paper? These videos can help refresh your memory of key points.

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Feb 17, 2017

The Scientific Writing and Publishing Course can be used in range of ways. Of course, you can work through the course from start to finish to give yourself an excellent grounding in all facets of scientific writing. But you can also dip into the course as you choose.

We think that you might find some aspects of the course particularly useful as a quick refresher for when you are just about to work on your paper. Here, we’ve collated a number of the most practical posts and videos to offer hints and support.

I'm just about to... write my title and abstract:

I'm just about to... write the body of my paper

I'm just about to... prepare the figures for my data

I'm just about to... write a review paper

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David Rogers

Instructional Designer, Springer Nature

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