Support your researchers with scientific writing and publishing training – delivered by Nature journal editors

Training is available in three formats:

online course | face-to-face workshops | webinars

Online Course

Online course from Nature Masterclasses


Fifteen modules take researchers through the entire publishing process. From modules such as 'Data Management' and 'What Makes a Great Paper', which can help researchers plan their paper, to 'Understanding Peer Review' and 'Measuring Impact', which are aimed at researchers who are getting published.

Expert insight

The course is taught by over 30 editors from over 20 of the Nature journals - enabling researchers to hear first-hand what top journal editors look for in a paper, and what can stand in the way of success.

Designed for busy researchers

Researchers can choose the content that's relevant to their publishing experience and where they are in the publication process. And they don't need a full hour to spare; the bite-size videos and activities are ideal for a spare 5 minutes in the lab.


To access the course, ask about our departmental (up to 15 researchers) and institutional subscriptions.

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Free Sample

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*Subscriptions are not currently available in China. Individual subscriptions are not currently available.

Face-to-Face Workshops

  • One-day to three-day workshops in scientific writing and publishing
  • Presented by Nature journal editors
  • Available to institutions globally, to host on-site, for up to 25 of your researchers

Tailored to your institution

The workshops and editors are matched as much as possible to the discipline and publishing experience of your researchers.

Interactive & practical

The workshops are based around real examples from Nature publications and are highly interactive, with short lectures interspersed with activities, group discussions and Q&A with the editors. View a sample one-day workshop here.

Meet the editors

Each workshop is presented by two experienced science editors, with at least one current Nature journal editor.

Every researcher receives one-on-one interaction with the editors. They can also bring their own draft abstract to discuss with an editor in detail - helping them understand its strengths and weaknesses, and reinforcing the themes that are developed in the rest of the workshop.

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  • 90 minute interactive webinars, covering different scientific writing and publishing topics
  • Presented by Nature journal editors
  • Available to institutions, for up to 100 of your researchers at a time

Learn from Nature journal editors

Each webinar is run by two experienced science editors, including at least one current Nature journal editor. Researchers have several opportunities to put questions to the editors.

Interactive group learning

Polls and Q&A sessions are held throughout – keeping the participating researchers engaged and encouraging them to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Example webinars:

  • “Think like an editor”. An insight into editorial decisions at highly selective journals.
  • “Publishing for first-timers”. A scenario-based introduction to the manuscript submission process.

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