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Yasin Ghulam about 1 year ago

Indeed to participate in the advancement of sciences and innovation, we have to put our weight and effort as we can do for the betterness of successor and  community. 

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam about 1 year ago

I want to pay my contribution in the bright future of science and humanity.

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Md. Galal Uddin about 1 year ago

Really, I will try to engage as a peer reviewer

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Israel Borokini about 1 year ago

I think academic quality check is the most important reason for peer review. I have seen very annoying mistakes in published papers out there! I wondered if the peer reviewers really did the job they were supposed to do

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Aydin ashrafi about 1 year ago

It is true that peer review made us to be up to date and it brings some lights in our brain to think very deep in our field

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Paul Anthony C. Cordova, RMT about 1 year ago

Honestly, it wasn't a selfish answer 

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Srikanth H N about 1 year ago

realy agreed for above statement. It will improve our knowledge about the field we are dealing.

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Felix Jose Gonzalez Gonzalez about 1 year ago

It is only the need for give a gift to mankind 

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Sunil Kumar about 1 year ago

thanks for this informative video  and knowledge 

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Celia Fortuna Rodrigues 12 months ago

Thas is, actually, very honest and true for me too.

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Dr Dinesh Uthra 11 months ago

Peer review gives the deep knowledge about any  field of research.

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Duong Van Tuyen 11 months ago

I like the way you explain about your selfish, the meaningful selfish those.


Dr.George booth gives an honest reason , which is true for most. At the end of it we do not read all the material published how much ever so called "well read"we are. This process gives us an in-depth idea, at least during the process of review.

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Manica Negahdaripour 10 months ago

A useful video. The points mentioned in the video, shows how he approaches a reviewing task, which is also useful for other reviewers.

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Srinivasan Jayaraman 10 months ago

Can you please remove the word reproduce, it really does conveys a different meaning.

overall a thoughtful one.

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Atul Munish Chander 10 months ago

I am thankful to Nature for providing this course but I wonder that none of the video is playing as I tried different web servers with high speed internet.

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Ankita awasthi 9 months ago

the process enhances our knowledge and way of thinking

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I agree with you through peer review one stands to gain a lot of experience and knowledge about research and methods. 

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It is really selfish

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Raimi Morufu Olalelan 6 months ago

It keeps me to be more current and informative

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Gabriela Perez Tort 6 months ago

I think Dr George Booth is right because we are faced every day to many papers we read very too quickly, as peer reviewer we must see from the eyes of different authors at first, this  must be detailed and takes a certain time ,  then consider whether the research could or not be bettered in any way. We have to make what  Rose calls" Immersion"

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SUDHEESH RAVI 5 months ago

Peer review process is a rigorous one and need most intelligence to grasp the content in the paper.

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selfishness revealed beautifully  by  the faculty in the videos

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Kamuyu Mwai 3 months ago

Well...peer reviewing demands an open mind full of commitment.

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 i agree with Dr.George about his opinion. Peer review needs to understand his/ her major of paper because there are many type sciences. Also,  peer review needs explaining why this paper accepted in addition to why this paper rejection.  

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Evelyn Cermeno 3 months ago

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José Veiga about 2 months ago

Very interesting particular point of view. You just show me others advantages of peer-reviewing. I love it. 

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gaurav kapoor about 2 months ago

i liked the content and the way it was explained.