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Yasin Ghulam about 1 year ago

Nice suggestions to get involve as professional and as responsible ways. 

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam about 1 year ago

It would be great experience to express qualification in a better way.

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Md. Galal Uddin about 1 year ago

Reviewer report is very important for article structure.

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Dr Shivaji Kashinath Jadhav about 1 year ago

Well done! very interesting presentations.

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Franc Andrejaš 11 months ago

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Dr Dinesh Uthra 11 months ago

Good  work and fruitful output.

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Well done!

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Kamuyu Mwai 3 months ago

Indeed, how to phrase ones review report is key.

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The peer review report depends on what will comment on the peer review in his report.this  report that it will submit by a peer reviewer by including many comments like title, abstract, method, the problem of study, discussion along with the limitation of the study, in addition to a conclusion.