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Navigating Scientific Writing: Your Questions Answered by Nature Portfolio Editors—Webinar Recording

For researchers looking to explore scientific writing in a conversational format

Learn about scientific writing from two Nature Portfolio editors from different areas of the natural sciences 

2 hours of learning

Webinar recording with English captions and transcript

About this course

Scientific writing can be daunting, especially when working towards your first publication. Writing a research paper is critical for any researcher’s success and our revamped, improved course “Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition” is a solid platform to gain the skills to navigate your scientific writing journey. While we have made every effort to make this course as comprehensive as possible, scientific writing is nuanced and it is normal for researchers to have more questions. 

In this webinar recording, Davide Esposito, Chief Editor of Nature Catalysis and Zoltan Fehervari, Senior Editor of Nature provide answers to frequent questions on scientific writing.

The course

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Navigating Scientific Writing: Your Questions Answered by Nature Portfolio Editors—Webinar Recording

Meet the experts

Davide Esposito, Chief Editor of Nature Catalysis, became an editor of Nature Catalysis in 2017, handling a variety of topics across the field of heterogeneous catalysis. Before joining Nature Research he has worked as principal investigator at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, leading a group specialised in the development of new catalytic methods for biomass upgrade and sustainable chemistry. Davide was awarded the title of Doctor of Science from the ETH Zürich in 2012, where he received training in organic and carbohydrate chemistry. He became Chief Editor of Nature Catalysis in 2020.

Zoltan Fehervari, Senior Editor of Nature, initially read Zoology at the University of Reading, UK, followed by a short stint working as a marine biologist in Norway. Following this, he worked on corneal allografting at Imperial College London, and then a PhD with GSK and the University of Cambridge looking at immunological tolerance. He did his postdoc at Kyoto University, Japan, studying regulatory T cells. He then moved into editing firstly at Cell Press before moving to Springer Nature. He is currently a Senior Editor at Nature covering mainly infectious disease, immunology and vaccinology.

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