Nature Masterclasses workshop

What are the Nature Masterclasses face-to-face workshops?

✔ One-day to three-day interactive workshops in scientific writing and publishing

✔ Run by Nature journal editors

✔ Available to public and private institutions globally, to host on-site at your institution, for 25 of your researchers.*

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Presented by Nature Journal Editors

Each workshop is run by two trainers…

✔ Two experienced science editors

✔ At least one is a current Nature journal editor

✔ Both editors are chosen to match the discipline of the researchers taking part, as much as possible

Tailored To Your Institution

We work with you and plan your workshop based on your institution's needs

The editors are matched as much as possible to the discipline of your researchers.
The editors also use discipline-specific exemplary papers, guidelines for figures, and tips for manuscript writing and structure.

Publishing experience
For researchers with minimal writing and publishing experience, workshops tackle the basics of preparing and writing a paper.
For researchers with more experience – for example, post-doctorate researchers and faculty staff – workshops focus on the finer details of publishing.

Workshops can be one-, two- or three-day.
For a one-day workshop, we recommend covering six to eight modules.
View a sample one-day workshop here.

Highly Interactive

✔ Participants are encouraged to bring their own draft abstract to discuss with the editors.

✔ Short lectures are interspersed with interactive activities – such as, “Question & Answer” sessions with the editors, individual and group exercises.
View a sample one-day workshop here.

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*Workshops are available for up to 100 researchers on request.
*As well as “sponsored” workshops, you can request an “open” workshop: hosted at your institution and open to individuals from different institutions.

Additional Services

Complement your face-to-face workshop with online training and webinars.