If your institution subscribes to our online course in Scientific Writing and Publishing, use social media to tell your researchers!

By posting on your institution's social media pages, you can encourage your researchers to use the online course.

You may wish to use the example tweets and Facebook posts below.

Example tweets:

  • Tweet 1: <Insert your institution name> subscribes to the Nature Masterclasses online course in scientific writing and publishing – our researchers can get free access here: <insert link> #phdlife #phdchat
  • Tweet 2: <Insert your institution name> researchers can access the Nature Masterclasses online course for free <insert link>. Taught by Nature Research editors. Learn how to publish a great paper. #edresearch
  • Tweet 3: <Insert your institution name> researchers, don't miss the Nature Masterclasses online course in scientific publishing <insert link>. You have free access. Learn how to write a great paper. #acwri

Example Facebook posts:

  • Post 1: Did you know that <Insert institution name> has a subscription to Nature Masterclasses? This gives our students, researchers and staff access to an online course in scientific writing and publishing. Start your access: <insert link>.
  • Post 2: <Insert institution name> researchers have free access to the Nature Masterclasses online course, which is taught by journal editors from Nature Research. Learn how to write and publish a paper. Access the course today! <insert link>.
  • Post 3: Reminder for<Insert institution name>‘s scientific researchers! Don't miss the Nature Masterclasses online course in scientific writing and publishing: <insert link>. We have an institution-wide subscription.

In your tweets and Facebook posts, include...