Scientific Writing and Publishing

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For students and researchers in the natural sciences who are new to scientific writing or publishing or who wish to refresh their skills

Subscriptions available to institutions, departments and labs

Key features

3 on-demand courses with certificates

36 Editors Scientific writing and publishing experts, including Nature Portfolio Editors

21 hours of learning

10-minute lessons

English language captions and transcripts

Skills gained

Develop writing skills and confidence writing for journals

Understand editorial processes and what editors look for

Learn best practices for submitting a paper and peer review

What you will learn in the three courses

Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Edition

Learn the detailed processes of writing a research paper

Publishing a Research Paper

Learn about the publication process and the things you need to consider

Writing and Publishing a Review Paper

Prepare yourself to write and publish a great review paper

Delivered by Nature Portfolio journal Editors

The courses are delivered by 30 Editors from over 20 Nature Portfolio journals - giving researchers an unparalleled insight into the publishing and manuscript selection process.

“It was excellent to hear from the editors, personally, about what they are looking for.” 

Principal Investigator, Canada

Dip in and out design

Researchers can work at their own pace through the three courses - whether that is working through the courses in order or dipping in and out of modules.

There are three courses, and content is easy to find. Each course has its own certificate of completion.

The lessons are bite-sized (around 10 mins) and easy to fit around a busy research schedule.

“The shortness of the videos allows me to fit them in between work and research. This format also meant that I could take in the information bit by bit...” 

Post-doctoral student, United States

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Subscribers worldwide

Institutions are subscribing to our 'Scientific Writing and Publishing' courses to support their researchers in getting published. 

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