Thinking about... Selecting a journal

Selecting a journal​​​​​​​

Once you have completed work on a paper, you will of course start to look for the best place to publish your findings. But, given the vast numbers of scientific journals out there, it can be hard to decide to which journal you should submit.

Of course, there are numerous factors to consider. You want to publish in a journal whose readership are most likely to be interested in your findings, and who are most likely to make use of your work. The Scope and readership as criteria for selecting a journal video discusses these aspects of selecting a journal.

You will also want to ensure your work is published in respected, reputable journal. The Reputation and quality as criteria for selecting a journal video offers some tips for establishing whether a journal is reputable.

There are also practical matters to consider. The Publication time and manuscript transfers as criteria for selecting a journal video touches on some of these.

All these videos can be found in in Part 2, Module 2 of the Scientific Writing and Publishing course

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Selecting a journal