Thinking about... Sharing data

As the emphasis on openness and reproducibility continues to grow, do you have robust processes in place for sharing data?

Thinking about... Working in large groups

Working in large groups or as part of a consortium is growing more common. What sort of authorship challenges do these scenarios present and how can you prepare for working in one yourself?

Thinking about... Selecting a journal

Given the vast numbers of scientific journals out there, it can be hard to decide to which journal you should submit. Read on for tips on how to select the right journal for publishing your paper. 

Make the most of the Scientific Writing and Publishing course

Rather than working through the Scientific Writing and Publishing course modules in order, you may prefer to jump to where you are in the publishing process. 

Becoming a scientific editor

John Plummer, Senior Editor at Nature Materials, explains his motivations for becoming an editor, and outlines the key skills needed to pursue a career at a scientific journal.

How scientists are using social media, plus find us on Facebook and LinkedIn

Join our social media groups to find tips and resources for developing your research skills

Thinking about... Sharing data
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Selecting a journal
Online course in scientific writing and publishing
Becoming a scientific editor
Social media for research