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It’s fair to say I love my broadband and whilst it’s sometimes nice to be offline and have a break from work it’s not long before I get broadband withdrawal symptoms, however a slow connection can almost be more frustrating than no connection at all. So much of what we do is reliant on or much more convenient with a decent broadband connection. Clicking a mouse brings you email, photos, shopping, restaurant reservations, connects you with friends, allows you to research your next holiday or find the quickest route to a meeting or order a pizza for delivery to your home. So, when you click on links and downloads and get a slow response, it’s like time slows down and you’ve been transported back in time to the bad old days of dial-up. Before you give in to the urge to launch your laptop out of the window, let’s assess what could be causing the slow down. Visit us below for more details especially if you have plan to buy a wifi router


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