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Sep 05, 2017

Dr George Booth, Senior Lecturer at King's College London, introduces himself.

  • - Hi, my name's George Booth. 00:01
  • I'm a researcher at King's College London 00:03
  • in the Theory and Simulation of Condensed Matter Group. 00:05
  • That means that we try and take the world around us 00:08
  • and predict its properties just from 00:10
  • a computational algorithmic point of view. 00:13
  • So I did my undergraduate degree at Nottingham. 00:16
  • I then went on to do a PhD at Cambridge University 00:19
  • in the Chemistry department 00:22
  • before doing post-docs in the US at Princeton 00:24
  • and then coming back to Cambridge 00:26
  • before moving on to King's 00:27
  • and I'm now a senior lecturer there. 00:29
  • So over the last six or seven years 00:32
  • I've peer reviewed for a number of different journals 00:35
  • both in chemistry and physics 00:38
  • probably on the order of 30 or 40 papers. 00:40
  • It's something that I consider an important part 00:43
  • of my job and something that I take very seriously. 00:45
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Dr George Booth

Royal Society University Research Fellow, King's College London

Dr George Booth joined King’s College London in October 2014 as a Royal Society university research fellow and proleptic lecturer. He has an Msci in Physics from the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. He worked as a postdoctoral research associate at both the University of Cambridge and Princeton University, USA. He also held posts as a junior research fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge from 2010-2015 and as a fixed term lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

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