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Nov 28, 2018

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Scientists and social media

Using Facebook and other social media platforms to support research activity is increasingly commonplace. In a Nature survey conducted in 2017, over 95% of the 3000+ respondents said they used some form of social media or scholarly collaboration networks (SCNs) for professional purposes. 

When asked how they use social media/SCNs in relation to their work:

  • over 75% of respondents answered ‘discovering and/or reading scientific content’. (This was the most selected answer).
  • 57% of respondents answered ‘promoting myself and/or promoting my research’.
    (If you’re starting to promote your research on social media, check out this sample social media plan!)
  • 55% answered ‘networking and/or collaborating’. (For example, tweeting to meet up at conferences).

View the full 2017 survey here

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