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As well as online training that's available 24/7, we will soon offer live, online events, lasting 1-1.5 hours. We ran our very first event as a pilot event earlier this week.

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Oct 28, 2015

On Monday we hosted our pilot live event, titled “How do readers, editors and reviewers see your paper?”.

It was hosted by Peter Gorsuch, former Nature Editor and Science Editor at MSC Scientific Editing, and Rebecca Kirk, a Senior Editor at Nature Communications.

About the pilot:

Rebecca and Peter opened the event by talking about how editors see papers. They told us that editors at selective journals are looking for findings that (i) advance a field forward, (ii) are likely to be interesting or relevant to a broad audience of scientists, and (iii) are robustly supported by data (mainly using comments from peer reviewers).

Rebecca and Peter then moved on to give the readers’ perspective. They told us that lots of readers are interested in the quality of the data presented in papers. This is because many readers are interested in reproducing the experiments in their own labs, or want to build upon the published work. Peter also explained that readers get a feel for the quality of the data through the figures, making the figures an important part of your paper for readers.

Next, Peter and Rebecca used a sample abstract to illustrate how simple changes can enhance the readability and clarity of a paper’s main message. They also crafted a declarative and engaging title.

At various points throughout the event, Peter and Rebecca ran quizzes, polls and Q&A sessions.

Future events:

We invited members of the Nature Masterclasses community to take part for free on Monday because it was a pilot event – our very first test of the technology. We’re glad to say it was a great success and we will be hosting many more live events with Nature journals editors.

You can get access to future events by becoming a subscriber to Nature Masterclasses online training. Please contact us for more information.

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