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Alicia Newton

Senior Editor, Nature Geoscience, Springer Nature

About Alicia Newton

Throughout her studies Alicia has focused on various aspects of micropalaeontology and palaeoceanography. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, her areas of research include Palaeozoic palaeontology and micropalaeontology, Quaternary climate and oceanographic change, and the development of palaeoceanographic proxies. She has also been active in secondary and undergraduate geoscience education practice and pedagogy. Alicia joined Nature Geoscience in July 2007. Alicia is currently a senior editor at Nature Geoscience, and has been with the journal for 10 years. Prior to joining Nature Research, she was completing a PhD in geosciences at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, where she reconstructed temperature and salinity variations in the Indo-Pacific warm pool over the past 26,000 years.

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