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Arun Prabhu Dhanapal

Research Scientist (Academic), University of Missouri, Columbia
  • University of Missouri, Columbia
  • United States of America

About Arun Prabhu Dhanapal

Arun Prabhu Dhanapal is Research Scientist in Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia. Arun has worked as postdoctoral research associate in University of Missouri, Columbia and University of California, Davis. Following his bachelors and masters in Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Genetics) at the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore India, Arun completed his PhD in Agrobiodiversity (Plant Genetics and Genomics) at Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna, Pisa, Italy with International Doctoral Scholarship for Agrobiodiversity. Dr Arun expertise is in genetics and molecular breeding and he has worked on many crop species and few fruit species, but particularly sugarcane, millets, wheat, peach and kiwi. Presently his work focuses on soybean stress physiology and molecular breeding of drought and heat tolerance of complex traits with aid of biotechnological and genomic tools. Expert in high throughput genotyping using SSR and SNP markers; genetic diversity; population genetics; candidate gene mapping; gene identification and characterization; GWAS and QTL mapping.


Agricultural or Biological Sciences

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