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Guobao Song

Associate professor, gb.song@dlut.edu.cn
  • gb.song@dlut.edu.cn
  • China

About Guobao Song

Human health and planetary health are toward a common way. Climate change challenge human well-being from multiple aspects, while human contribute to climate change by various activities, such as by energy uses, food consumption and land use change. I am interested in human and planetary health in the context of climate change by interdisciplinary approaches. For human health, diet associated nexus study on carbon emission, water resources and energy consumption by connecting surveyed data and life-cycle assessment data are conducted to answer questions, such as what is optimal diet to mitigate climate change and benefit human health. In addition, food desert and food waste are my research interested topic, especially in developing countries, such as in China where urbanization is an important driver to diet change, life style change, and land use change. These changes influence biodiversity loss in both direct and indirect way and challenge the ability of ecosystem services. For planetary health, I assess ecological vulnerability and biodiversity status to answer questions, such as where should be given a priority for eco-restoration to establish large scale eco-corridor among nature reserves to facilitate species mitigate to adapt to climate change. Multiple technologies are used from crossing-disciplines perspective, such as GIS, remote sensing, uncertainty optimization, Bayesian modelling and statistic method. The overall goal of my research is to provide the quantitative understanding on the impact of climate change and support effective decision makings on climate mitigation and adaptation from human and planetary health perspective.

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