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Sep 05, 2017

Federico Levi, Senior Editor of Nature Physics, introduces himself.

  • - Hi, my name is Federico Levi, 00:00
  • and I am a Senior Editor at Nature Physics. 00:02
  • My background is physics. 00:05
  • Actually, to be more specific, I studied quantum physics. 00:07
  • That was what my PhD degree was on. 00:10
  • I started my physics career in Italy first, 00:13
  • where I did my undergrad, 00:16
  • and then I moved to Germany to do a PhD 00:17
  • in quantum information theory, 00:20
  • if we want to be very specific. 00:21
  • Afterwards, I moved to start my editorial career 00:23
  • at Nature Physics actually, 00:26
  • mostly because I was really interested 00:29
  • in, you know, communicating science, 00:31
  • and I was really trying hard 00:33
  • to help other scientists get across their results 00:34
  • as best as they could, and I felt I was really enjoying 00:39
  • the communication part of science, if you want. 00:43
  • So I wanted to try how it felt to be an editor, 00:45
  • and I did that for six months. 00:48
  • I really loved the job, 00:51
  • and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity 00:53
  • to carry on doing that at Nature Communications, 00:54
  • where I spent the last three years and a bit. 00:57
  • And now I'm back at Nature Physics once again 01:00
  • as a Senior Editor. 01:02
  • I mostly handle manuscripts in theoretical physics, 01:03
  • which is quantum information theory complexity, 01:07
  • statistical physics, 01:11
  • and more or less theoretical fundamental physics. 01:12
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Federico Levi

Associate Editor, Nature Communications, Nature Research

Federico moved to Nature Communications in November 2014, having previously worked as an Associate Editor at Nature Physics for six months. His studies began with an MSc at the University of Milan, where he specialized in theoretical quantum physics, in particular the mathematical aspects of open quantum systems dynamics. Following this, he obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of Freiburg where he studied entanglement theory and energy transfer in disordered systems, with an interest in identifying quantum effects in biological processes.

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