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Sep 04, 2017

Elisa De Ranieri, Head of Editorial Process and Data Analytics, introduces herself.

  • - Hi. 00:01
  • My name is Elisa and I'm the Head of Editorial Process 00:02
  • and Data Analytics for the Nature Journals. 00:04
  • As part of my job, I'm responsible for supporting 00:06
  • the editorial teams of all of our journals 00:09
  • in their daily job and also I'm responsible for collecting 00:11
  • data on journal performance. 00:14
  • Prior to this role, I was an editor 00:16
  • for four and a half years on three of the Nature titles. 00:18
  • I started initially at Communications 00:21
  • then moved to Nature Nanotechnology 00:22
  • and finally to Nature Energy 00:24
  • and my background is as an experimental physicist. 00:26
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Elisa De Ranieri

Senior Editor, Nature Energy, Nature Research

Elisa began her editorial career in April 2012 as an editor for Nature Communications, before moving to Nature Nanotechnology in January 2013. At both journals, she handled manuscripts in diverse areas of applied physics including photovoltaics, energy harvesting devices, 2D materials, electronics and spintronics. Elisa joined Nature Energy in September 2015. She has a first degree in electronic engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy, and a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge, UK. She then worked as a research scientist at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, where her research focused on transport in ferromagnetic semiconductors. Elisa is based in the London office.

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