I have completed all four modules of "Focus on Peer Review" course but unable to get the view certificate page in view progress. Do you provide any certificate in dashboard? Thanks, Mehadi

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Md. Mehadi Hasan Sohag on Apr 25, 2018 • 1 answer
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Hi Mehadi

Thanks for getting in touch and congratulations on completing all 4 modules!

I'm sorry you can't find your certificate. Yes the certificate is on your dashboard. Once on your dashboard, simply select the 'View Certificate' button. Follow this link to see your dashboard: https://masterclasses.nature.com/courses/205/dashboard.

If you need more details, here's a blog post all about getting your certificate, which has some helpful screenshots: https://masterclasses.nature.com/channels/235-user-tips/posts/11487-new-feature-certificates

I hope that helps!

Many thanks
Claire Hodge

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Claire Hodge on Apr 25, 2018