I would like to submit a paper to Nature Microbiology. Could an editor kindly provide some feedback on the abstract? Let me know how can I send it to you, thank you.

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Julian D. Munoz Sierra on Feb 19, 2018 • 1 answer
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Dear Julian,
Editors can provide feedback on the potential suitability of a manuscript for their journal, even at an early stage when just an abstract is available - these are called "Presubmission inquiries". Personally, I find that adding a bit more information to go with the abstract helps the editor to make a decision. For example, I recommend to prospective authors that they put together a 1-2 page document that also includes a couple of paragraphs on the rationale behind the study (i.e., why did you tackle this question?); highlights the key findings of the study; and briefly explains why these results are relevant to the broader audience of the journal. Adding one or two of the key main figures can also help. This gives the editor a clearer idea of what the paper is all about, which may be tricky to do just based on the abstract. The easiest way to submit these presubmission inquiries is online, via our manuscript tracking system. To find a link, go to the journal's homepage and clink the "Submit" button that is usually placed in the top right corner. Thanks for your question!

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Cláudio Nunes-Alves on Feb 20, 2018
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