What important points should be included in the abstract of research paper?

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Aditi Rehan on Feb 16, 2018 • 1 answer
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Hi Aditi,
Thanks for your question.
Ideally, the abstract should contain the following elements:
- Background: the general topic of your study, general information that the reader needs to know as an introduction to the next part of the abstract.
- Scientific question: the precise gap in knowledge that you have identified and want to fill with your experiments, why you conducted your study.
- Methods and findings: what you did and how.
- Conclusion: how your findings answer the scientific question that you posed at the beginning of the abstract.
- Relevance for the field and/or potential application: how your findings advance the field, how they will inform future research and how they can be applied clinically or technically, for example.
You can find more information on the make up of a good abstract here: https://masterclasses.nature.com/courses/28/videos/133 and here: https://masterclasses.nature.com/courses/28/videos/153

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Andrea Aguilar on Feb 19, 2018
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