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Discussion: Setting targets

How do you set targets for your writing?

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Jan 18, 2016

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Vadim Volkov over 2 years ago

2 review papers with added own experimental data, to be written together with colleagues over the years. One editorial. Started working and thinking over the last year, the writing is in progress. At least.

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Brian Jones over 2 years ago

Long ago, I determined to write at least three papers a year. I didn't always achieve that, some years more, some years there were none - but I kept it up. Now at the end of my career I have a cv with just under 200 papers. More importantly, I now have an extensive network of colleagues across many disciplines.

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Kang Liu over 2 years ago

Being a freshman in scientific research fields, now I keep reading papers every day and trying to figure out the novelty and logical writing in these good papers.

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Erica Pasini over 2 years ago

3 papers: a review that is covering a specific gap in malaria research and two original paper (at least) -hopefully three- that will be addressing that gap and have broader implications (outside the field of malaria)

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Nayely Melina Reyes-Mendoza over 2 years ago

Keep reading papers every day and getting a solid network of colleagues across many disciplines.

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Ivan Palomares Carrascosa about 2 years ago

Frequently consulting new research outputs in my networks (e,g, via Researchgate), prioritizing them by relevance to my current work/ideas and reading these papers according to priority level

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Maria Artigas about 2 years ago

Sometimes, I could not understand the means about "the specialized paper", what is the mean from the editor's view.

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Shizhuo Yang about 2 years ago

As a 3-years PhD student, the time is limited for me. So I plan to publish two papers when I graduated. One is top level and one middle level in our field, and I think this target is proper for me. Have got the objective, I will try my best to complete.Firstly , work hard, achieve data ,write paper(According the advice offered by the Nature masterclass online).

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Yingqi Hou over 1 year ago

Write the paper. Wait for 1-2 days to forget it. Come back and reread it, usually I have something to add. After a few cycles, I think my writing is good enough and ask feedback from others.

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BhanuSharma 11 months ago

1 review paper with added own data .Writing is in progress

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Currently working on one paper on the evaluation of One Health in Kenya. I'll be working on it as I take the nature master course.

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Currently working on one paper on the evaluation of One Health in Kenya. I'll be working on it as I take the nature master course.

Sulaiman M. Alfadul 4 months ago

good data is the most important to publish

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Am currently analysing my experimental data for my MSc in Animal Genetics and Breeding as I take this course , I have never written a paper before  and am finding the course so resourceful. Am reading other papers and I can appreciate novelty and the importance of clarity in communication

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Trinity Senda 3 months ago

Well, I try to write as fast as I can, then read through my work and start looking at  the individual sections and give myself comments like its not my work, then I go back now as the owner of the work to respond to those comments. 

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Winfred Sila 3 months ago

I am currently writing a paper on small ruminant economics and reading related papers.

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Ayodele Boglo 3 months ago

setting targets - I believe I tend to take the approach of @brain Jones; although not a yearly view, mine is to ensure every week I am adding something to my repertoire of knowledge in the field I have chosen to base my work. resilience

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Vistolina Nuuyoma 2 months ago

As a student with fulltime job in academia, I set my target to 3 manuscript per year.

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I keep on checking similar topics related to my work weekly. I read on those so that I can keep my work within, even though not exactly, the current hot topics. Obviously this is linked to the set deliverables set at the beginning of the year which are broadly set to result in a paper. 

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Clemence Njehoya 2 months ago

Write at least one paper a year despite the scarcity of research funds in my country. So i use all available financial resources to achieve this aim of mine. It is not easy, but i try.

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Paul Udom about 2 months ago

I have made a decision to write at least three papers a year.

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Naledi Mkhize 28 days ago

Proper pre-planning and discipline in keeping with on track

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My targets for now are to extract and publish 2 papers from my dissertation.  I should be completing this goal within the next 2-3 months.  

I also intend to begin working on an additional publication that will support my research.  Another 3 month deadline. (I'm saving this one for the summer).

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Dr Prarthana M S 9 days ago

I want to set target of at least 4 papers a year, one of then at least being a review paper.

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Machuene Sharlyn 3 days ago

As a full time student and a part time academic staff, I am targeting at least two papers in a year. One has already been published for this year.