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You will see that when you are signed in to the Nature Masterclasses Community, you will be given the option to share posts and videos via social media. Here's why you should do this...

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Aug 05, 2015

Share Nature Masterclasses posts and videos on social media

Raise your profile within the scientific community and get noticed as a source of helpful insight by sharing by sharing Nature Masterclasses content.

It couldn’t be easier to share...

  1. Click the "SHARE" button below a video or post
  2. Select a social media channel:
      1. Facebook
      2. LinkedIn
      3. Twitter
      4. Google+
  3. You’ll be taken to the social media site, with much of the post automatically created. Edit the post as you wish and share away!

Share Nature Masterclasses posts and videos to attract new Facebook friends, Google+ 'people', LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers!

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Jen Thoroughgood

Former Head of Communities, Springer Nature

I'm no longer with Springer Nature so please send your community-related queries to communities@nature.com. Thanks!

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