Questions and comments roundup: January

​In this post, we round up some of the contributions to the site from our users.

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Feb 01, 2017

This month we have been inundated with contributions, and it's been great to see so many thoughtful and insightful comments - thanks to everyone who has joined in the conversation.

We've received the largest number of comments in response to the question When do you usually start to write? How do you begin? It has been fascinating to see the different approaches people take, and even seeing people re-assess their own writing process in the light of others' comments. If you add your own approach here, it would be great if you could mention the area you are working in - perhaps we can start to identify some trends for useful approaches in different disciplines.

Elsewhere, people have been sharing the words they tend to overuse in their writing. One challenge that has been identified is how to avoid repeating words without reaching for overly complex synonyms. Do you have any thoughts on how this can be resolved? One user noted they are trying to steer clear of terms like "innovation" and "crucial" which ties in well with editor Nicky Dean's advice to avoid overhyping your work.

There has also been a lively discussion around A case study of misconduct. What would you recommend? The range of suggestions about the steps to take demonstrate what a delicate and challenging area this can be.

One question we received this month in the Ask Our Editors area of the site was on whether it is acceptable to put percentages on author contributions. Remember, you can post questions you have on any aspect of scientific writing and publishing and a Nature journal editor will respond.

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David Rogers

Instructional Designer, Springer Nature

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