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How do you go about measuring the impact of your paper?

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May 15, 2017

After you have had a paper published, you will naturally be interested in discovering the impact it has had. Is it being read? Who is reading it? Is anyone talking about it? Are they citing it? Research metrics seek to provide insight into precisely this.

There are numerous metrics, but at article level, two of the most most frequently used metrics are citations (crudely, this is a count of the number of times someone has made a reference to your paper in their own paper), and altmetrics (a count of how many times someone has mentioned your paper on social media and other media outlets).

To find out more about these metrics, take a look at these videos:

Which metrics do you pay most attention to? What techniques have you found most effective for making people aware of your work?

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David Rogers

Instructional Designer, Springer Nature

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Amr Hassan Elkholy 7 months ago

For the researcher level, the most important impact parameter is H index . I know the meaning of each index but i want to know how to calculate it and what equation used to calculate it.