How to... Earn a certificate

You can receive a certificate of completion.

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Aug 24, 2016
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Work through a Nature Masterclasses online course and receive a certificate in recognition of your achievements! 

As we’re aware that not all content will be relevant to everyone, you’ll unlock the certificate once you have completed 80% of the materials in the course.

How do I access my certificate?

  1. Go to the course homepage

  2. Once the progress indicator is 80% or over, select View Progress

  3. Select the View certificate button to access your certificate. You can then download your certificate to save for your records or print it off.

Remember to mark content 'as complete' to ensure that your progress is recorded. This post on tracking your progress shows how to mark content as complete!

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David Rogers

Instructional Designer, Springer Nature

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Mohammed Zaki 9 months ago

i finished my course and i can not get view certificate in my course, what is wrong ?