Nature Masterclasses webinars

What are the Nature Masterclasses webinars?

✔ 90 minute webinars, covering scientific writing and publishing topics

✔ Led by 2 experienced science editors, including at least 1 Nature journal editor

✔ Available to institutions, for up to 100 researchers at a time


✔ Tailored to the publishing experience of the researchers taking part

✔ Tailored to the disciplines of the researchers
The editors are matched as closely as possible to the research interests of the researchers, and the editors use discipline-specific examples – such as exemplary papers, guidelines for figures and writing tips


✔ Ask questions and interact with editors

✔ Take part in several polls during the webinar

How will my researchers benefit?

✔ Enable peer learning

✔ Provide an opportunity for interaction with Nature journal editors

✔ Increase their engagement with the online course (when purchased in conjunction with the online course)

How can I request a webinar?

Contact us for pricing and more information.

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