If your institution plans to subscribe to our online course in Scientific Writing and Publishing, take advantage of our free launch presentations!

A launch presentation is a great way to tell your researchers about your new subscription.

About the presentation:

  • Available to subscribers with institution-wide access to our online course in Scientific Writing and Publishing
  • Hosted by a member of the Nature Masterclasses team
  • Designed to run at the start of an institution's 12-month subscription
  • Webinar software: Adobe Connect. You don't need to install anything but you are advised to use Google Chrome as your browser. If you have not used Adobe Connect on your computer before, you may wish to test your computer
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Agenda:
    • A brief introduction to Nature Masterclasses
    • How to register for the online course
    • How to use the course, including how to complete items and track your progress
    • Additional website features, such as “Ask our Editors”
    • Q&A. A chance for researchers to ask questions

3 steps for hosting a presentation:

  1. Step 1: Decide the format. 
    1. Decide whether your researchers should join the presentation individually and remotely from their personal computers, or whether you would prefer to find a venue, your auditorium for example, and have your researchers watch the presentation together.
  2. Step 2: Decide the date and time (and venue if required). 
    1. Once your institution has confirmed your subscription, we will be in touch to discuss the date and time of your launch presentation. 
    2. Note that we request a minimum of one months’ notice to prepare for your presentation. (The one month lead time is also useful for driving awareness of your presentation). 
    3. If your researchers will watch the presentation together in a room, you will need a venue (ideally accommodating a projector and large screen).
  3. Step 3: Invite your researchers to register for the presentation. 
    1. If your researchers will join the presentation individually, we will supply a registration link. Your researchers must click on this link and register for the website. 
    2. To encourage your researchers to attend the presentation, we encourage you to email your researchers and post some information on your institution's website. You are welcome to download and use this sample promotional email and text for a web page